Why you should elope in Estes Park, Co and how to hire the perfect photographer.

Estes Park Elopement and Wedding Photographer, Fort Collins Wedding Photographer
Estes Park Elopement and Wedding Photographer, Fort Collins Wedding Photographer
Estes Park Elopement and Wedding Photographer, Fort Collins Wedding Photographer

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The bustling town of Estes Park, CO stands amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains, with stunning views of the longs peak, wildlife such as elk and deer, and stunning nature trails. If you're considering eloping in Colorado, Estes Park is the perfect location to celebrate your union. It offers beautiful locations that will create awe-inspiring backdrops that you will carry in your hearts forever, and saying "I do" should be equally as magical as the backdrop.

Hi I am Kyla with KJean Photography, Ipride ourselves on capturing elopements perfectly. Myexpertise lies in Estes Park, CO, because I grew up there, I lived in a little cabin a mile outside of the park and spent my childhood adventuring through the mountains there. My passion and images showcase the beautiful location along with my couple's love and devotion to each other. Below are a few reasons why eloping in Estes Park and working with me for photography will help you create the perfect wedding celebration that is as special as your relationship.

1. Stunning Locations: The town of Estes Park is known for its beautiful outdoor scenery, making it the perfect location for elopements. The backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, snow-capped peaks, and serene wildlife add to the charm of an intimate ceremony. Having a photographer who knows the in's and out's of the town helps so much in planning your elopement. As well as, someone who isn't scared of a little snow, especially for those early spring and winter elopements.

2. All-Year Round Beauty: No matter the season, Estes Park promises to be beautiful during every wedding ceremony. In winter, the snow creates a beautiful, serene landscape, while in summer, the vibrant foliage is perfect for wedding photos. Anytime during the year provides the perfect backdrop for elopements in Estes Park. I absolutely love helping my clients plan their dream elopement, but also know what to prepare for in the area.

3. Intimate Ceremonies:  Eloping allows the focus to be on the couple, and Estes Park creates a beautiful intimate setting.  Eloping lets you focus on what’s most important: your union, and the amazing scenery of Estes Park complements this feeling, leading to a heart-filled celebration. Most of my favorite ceremonies have been the couple and myself, alone on the mountain with nothing but love filling their day.

4. Professional Photography:  Hiring a professional photographer is a must for capturing your wedding day's memories. I specialize in outdoor Colorado photography and can perfectly capture the stunning backdrop of Estes Park. I also know how to work with the changes of the weather, where to go if we need a last minute break from a storm, how to pack appropriately and work with all of my clients to make their elopement the most beautiful it can be.

5. Memories That Last: Perfectly captured memories are an important aspect of any wedding. I always tell my clients " photography is the one thing that lasts from your wedding day" which isn't to say all the other details matter less, but in 20 years your flowers will have died, your dress may not fit, you wont have the food left over, the cake will be long gone, but your photos, will be there. Creating images that capture the two of you in a romantic and timeless way is exactly what I do, and Estes Park will remain one of the most beautiful places to elope in.

Estes Park, CO is an excellent idea for anyone looking for an intimate, stunning wedding ceremony, especially for those who want a big of magic and adventure as apart of the elopement day. The town's natural scenery creates beautiful backdrops for the couple's wedding, while my photography expertise perfectly captures the moment.

Contact me to book and get that perfect, timeless memory of your wedding day.