the bump

For Hannah and Ian's maternity photos we took a tiny hike up Gateway Natural Area just outside of Fort Collins, up the poudre river. We hiked, danced, snuggled, and played in the beautiful mountains, which was the most magical day ever. These three are so so special to me... one because that tiny human in there is my nephew :) And of course we stopped for slushies on the way back.

the birth

Getting to meet the sweet little boy who made me an Auntie was such an amazing day. Grayson James you are truly a magical light in our lives and my little boy's best friend. I adore getting to play with you and watch you grow.

Fort Collins Birth Photography

the wedding

Oh Ian James. I am so proud of the man you have become, the hardship you have faced, the uncertainties that you have pushed through... watching you become such an incredibly strong andcaring man has been such a joy. I remember after high school how everyone kept asking what you were going to do, and pushing you in the ways they thought were right, I remember just saying "give him time" In that time you have grown into the most loyal partner for Hannah, a provider, a stronghold and now the most loving Daddy to Grayson... and I am so amazed by the kindness and love that you show to everyone. Yesterday you got married to the most incredible, sweet, and gentle woman. Hannah, it has been so beautiful watching you go from this quite, shy, and a little bit crazy girl into a confident and gentle woman. You are an amazing mother to Grayson and I am so honored to call you my sister and a dear friend. My love for you three is so deep and I am so so happy for you all as you continue to grow and learn as a family. I loved getting to be so closely a part of your wedding day. Thank you for letting me capture and spend such a special day with you. All my love.

Kyla Jean

Hannah and Ian got married at our families cabin in Estes Park, Colorado just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was a beautiful ceremony surrounded by loved ones and family.

the family

I guess its just a fun perk of being sister's and friends and having the coolest auntie around... you get a lot of cute pictures. Capturing families really melts my heart, but it is also how I get to love on those I love the most. This family is so freaking adorable and cute. Grayson your hair is a magical curly blob of joy and you are the cutest little thing out there.