the engagment

Kodi and Jared wanted a beautiful sunrise mountain hike for their engagement session, so that is exactly what we did! We headed up into the mountains in Evergreen, Colorado at sunrise and adventured around with the adorable pup capturing all the morning glow!

the wedding

Kodi and Jared got married at Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, Colorado and had the most beautiful, emotional and crazy fall wedding out there! Surrounded by evergreen trees, changing leaves, pumpkins and all of the people who love them most.

This wedding was so special, mostly because of all of the love. As Kodi walked down the isle with her dad, she kept bursting into happy tears, during the ceremony she kept stealing kisses, and let me tell you... IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.

The genuine laughs, giggles, hugs and love that filled their wedding day was so so so amazing.